Monday, February 17, 2014

Reunión Pony Beisbol En Villa De Cura Estado Aragua Venezuela 2014; Meeting Pony Baseball At Villa De Cura State Venezuela Aragua 2014


Meeting Pony Baseball At Villa De Cura State Venezuela Aragua.
Friday February 14, 2014. With the presence of multiple currencies, directors, delegates, referees and scorers the meeting with a prayer, after the presentation of each of the participants then Mr. José Pérez is pleased with the presence of these people who started in their organizations and are making a great effort to raise and maintain their respective leagues running. Several points were highlighted as memberships, invitations, regional events, national, and international pre-global and global membership. It already has the pony organization baseball with the Venezuelan Federation Baseball institutional arrangements that are being promoted at the state level in which the base and makes Pony Baseball. José Pérez representative in the Caribbean and in the shoulder country should be given more participation of young and adolescent children, Since the situation exists a lot of players are not taken into account, only the few athletes representing their national states in their respective category, participation running out a lot of players, proving once again that you are interested in Pony Baseball participation is to give as many young people as possible. It was further reported that the organization ensures the national championships in the amount of 6 games and if it falls into their final group game for a total of 7 games in 5 days. They urged those present to attend another meeting to detail more interesting points. Attendees were Mr. Alvarado, Athletic Director municipality Zamora, Jesus delegated sources, Julieta red school spokeswoman, Eliezer's Medina, Pedro Moreno's, VP Compote Naibelis Molina school coach Luis Hernandez Luis Herrera, Emilio Espinoza director Vicente Gutiérrez , assistant youth teams, sports promoter Gustavo Terán, Vicente Espinoza coordinator Zamora Pony Baseball Town, and representative of Guárico state, will be up next information from the office of Pony Baseball Venezuela.