Wednesday, July 20, 2011

North Tampa Bronco All Stars

(MYFOX - TAMPA BAY) : TAMPA - Forget about the lazy days of summer for these guys: they are on a mission to bring the Pony World Series trophy home to Tampa.
"I would throw my glove up like 100 feet in the air. I'd just celebrate all day," said Luis Estevez.
Estevez is the captain of the North Tampa Bronco All Stars, the only 11-year-old team in the state of Florida selected to play in regional competition in Texas this week. Their eventual goal is winning the Bronco World Series.
"I'm very excited, and so is the whole team," said player Connor Scott.
Jason Recher is the head coach of the team. He says they outscored their opponents 48 to 1 to make it to regionals.
"I want the kids to have a great experience. We're going out there to win-that's our big thing. We work hard and we realize that we put forth this great effort to make sure that we put ourselves in a position to succeed," Recher said.
But Coach Jay, as the kids call him, says it about a lot more than baseball.
"We're going out there to represent something bigger than just a baseball team. It's our community, and we've done a lot for this community. They give back to us, so we're giving back to them so it's great," said Coach Jay.
After all the workouts and two-a-day practices, it's time for these boys to show the country what they've got. They are confident they are ready to win it all!!! Go Florida!