Wednesday, February 10, 2010

PONY Baseball and Softball Welcomes Indonesia to the Asia Pacific Zone Meeting

INDONESIA: There were 4 delegates from Indonesia headed by: Arunadi Prawiradilaga (Onny) (Person on the Left) who is some sort of their Godfather of Baseball in their country. His brother introduced baseball in Indonesia in 1964. He still runs a baseball school in Jakarta. Ahmad Farid Rasyid (Farid) (Person on the Right) will be the one who will directly run PONY Baseball/Softball in Indonesia. He is a Director of Jakarta Baseball Association and a former Secretary General of the Indonesia Baseball/Softball Association. Ahmad Agung Ramadya (Agung) is their Secretary General of PONY Indonesia (In white jacket) Leonard Djarkasi (in black Jacket) a former youth baseball player and helps out in office and field work.