Friday, December 19, 2014


(Washington, Pennsylvania, December 17, 2014) - Effective immediately PONY has decided to revert to their 2014 rule for bats in Pony League (14U) only. This year the Board of Directors discussed changing the bat rule for Pony League (14U) to only a -3 BBCOR baseball bat. After lengthy discussions with our Field Staff and membership it was determined to continue to allow the use of the -3, -5, -7 and -9 in Pony League regular season and tournament play.

There is and continues to be an emphasis on the safety of our players. Many felt that the -3 bat was a significant deterrent to successful participation in Pony League. There is a vast array of maturation between 11 and 14 and the best solution was to allow all Pony League players to use the same bats as last year.

“After attending our Zone, Regional and League Presidents meetings there was a ground swell of interest in returning the bat rule for Pony League to its original status in 2015,” stated Abraham Key, President and CEO.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

PONY Baseball and Softball of the Dominican Republic hands out shoes.

(San Cristobal, Dominican Republic) PONY Baseball and Softball of the Dominican Republic recently handed our baseball shoes to  underprivileged children participating in the PONY program. Most of the children come from the poorest parts of the city and were playing with shoes that were not suitable for the practice.

Eugenio Baez, president of PONY Baseball and Softball of the Dominican Republic, thanked the gesture of Mrs. Rosanna Monteagudo, who was the person who donated the baseball shoes.

Baez, visibly moved, said that women and men with heart and willingness to work to help others, including Mrs. Monteagudo, is what the country needs to succeed.

“Rosanna is an intelligent and caring woman with a vocation of unparalleled service and it shows every day with their actions on behalf of the community,” stated Baez.

Monday, December 8, 2014

WBSC welcomes Olympic Agenda 2020 reforms as new era for sports and athletes

LAUSANNE, Switzerland -- The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) joins the worldwide chorus of support following the successful reception and endorsement of key Olympic Agenda 2020 reforms at the extraordinary IOC session in Monaco today, particularly regarding the adoption of a more flexible Olympic sports programme.

On behalf of the worldwide baseball and softball family, WBSC President Riccardo Fraccari congratulated and thanked IOC President Thomas Bach, the IOC Members and working groups for leading and driving the reforms, which sport experts say will open a new chapter in world sport.

"The WBSC fully shares the IOC's vision of Olympic reform under President Bach, and stands ready to support and assist the Olympic Movement in implementing the reforms, wherever baseball and softball can help," President Fraccari said.

"Above all the Olympic Games is the world's most inspirational sporting event, and the Agenda 2020 reforms will inspire more young people and women, who are the future of all sports, to take up more sport and to participate in sport and in the values of sport, and make sport more relevant to the next generation, and as a catalyst for change in our communities and societies," President Fraccari said.

President Fraccari indicated that the WBSC would wait for guidance and direction from the IOC and the Tokyo 2020 organisers to determine how the new reforms could involve baseball and softball.

As potential Olympic sports, baseball and softball -- sports that embody and promote gender-equality -- would also help to take the Olympic values and focus on sport to 65 million players and 250 million fans at all levels worldwide, and make the Olympic Games more relevant in more regions of the world where baseball and softball are growing in popularity, especially among young people and women, and have become national sports.

President Fraccari said that as the world governing body overseeing baseball and softball, the WBSC is humbled by the opportunity provided by the reforms to be included in the Olympic Games which enable future Olympic host cities and organising committees, including Tokyo 2020, to include additional sporting events in the Olympic sports programme, which could potentially include baseball and softball, two of the most popular sports in the world that have experienced a wave of global development in recent years.

The new more flexible approach to Olympic sport approved by the IOC session has provided a massive boost of optimism and hope that the changes could result in baseball and softball joining the Olympic Games sports programme.

"It's like when the manager calls you off the bench to pick up the bat and warm up, and the bases are loaded," President Fraccari said. "All you want to do is swing for the fences!

"Today, there is excitement circulating around the baseball and softball world and there is great hope that our athletes will now have a real opportunity -- the pinnacle and highest honour in our sport -- to play for their country, aiming to win an Olympic gold medal.

"The reforms herald a new era for sports and athletes worldwide, and provide important hope and inspiration for sports and athletes wanting to participate in the world's most important global sporting event, the Olympic Games," said President Fraccari.

The world governing body leader was confident that if included, baseball and softball could significantly enhance the Olympic experience, building on the vast fan, player and community support levels for the bat-and-ball sports worldwide.

"While baseball and softball have very deep historic and contemporary connections in sporting communities and at all levels of society in Japan, the sports are experiencing worldwide popularity and growth, with new as well as existing and upgraded venues able to host the sports in both traditional and new markets in Africa, the Middle East as well as in Europe," he said.

President Fraccari said the huge legions of young people and women who play and support baseball and softball at all levels across the world, along with strong sponsor, broadcaster and viewing audiences and support would increase levels of excitement and engagement at the Olympic Games.

President Fraccari said the WBSC had devised a new shorter and more compact format for Olympic baseball and softball which included the use of a shared and existing competition venue in order to ensure the baseball and softball events were sustainable and affordable and leave meaningful sporting and community legacies for young people and women after the Games.

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About the World Baseball Softball Confederation:

Headquartered in the Olympic Capital city of Lausanne, Switzerland, the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) was established in April 2013 and granted recognition as the sole competent authority in baseball and softball by the International Olympic Committee at the 125th IOC Session in September 2013. The WBSC represents a united baseball/softball sports movement that encompasses over 65 million athletes worldwide.

The WBSC governs all international competitions involving any of the National Teams of its 141 National Federation members.  The WBSC oversees the Softball World Championships, The Premier 12, the World Baseball Classic, and the U12, U15, U18 and U21 Baseball World Cups.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

PONY Partners with Leading Online Group Travel Site selected as the official team travel and meeting booking provider for 2015.

Washington, PA

PONY Softball and Baseball is proud to continue their partnership with as the organization’s official team travel partner for 2015. The partnership is entering its third straight year. As PONY’s preferred hotel reservations provider, HotelPlanner continues to deliver the best hotel group booking services for PONY’s tournament sports travel.

The PONY organization, Protect Our Nation’s Youth, holds hundreds of events throughout the country annually that require hotel stays. HotelPlanner is the largest provider of group travel planning services for sports teams in the country and has helped to simplify travel for the organization. “We have had 2 very successful years and look forward to an even better 3rd year,” stated PONY President, Abe Key.

With hotel membership with over 50,000 hotels, HotelPlanner assists PONY in planning sport team tournaments and event travel within the United States and worldwide. “We are excited to continue our partnership with PONY to help make team travel events more affordable to parents/athletes and provide the best hotel reservation service to tournament planners, teams, and attendees in booking their hotel stays,” stated Tim Hentschel, CEO of

With the technology and proficiency in youth sports travel, guarantees the lowest group rates or will pay for the group leaders’ hotel room. The company is also an honored sponsor of the PONY World Series.

About PONY

PONY Baseball and Softball was founded in Washington, PA in 1951 with six original teams of 13 and 14 year olds. Today, there are over 500,000 annual participants each spring and summer from ages 3-23 in baseball and in fast and slow pitch girls’ softball throughout the United States and in more than 30 countries. PONY’s International Headquarters is in Washington, PA which hosts The PONY League World Series.

About HotelPlanner provides online services to the global group hotel sales market. Its service ensures the lowest rates by allowing clients to receive quotes online from hotel group sales managers. The company delivers group travel services to world class organizations including the National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Football League (NFL), the National Hockey League (NHL), and the Professional Bull Riders (PBR), for 80 universities, colleges plus corporations and government entities. also provides mobile applications for booking group hotel reservations and owns and operates, a site that provides information on meeting and banquet venues around the world for corporate and association meeting planners. Founded in 2002 and based in West Palm Beach, Florida, the company also has offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, London, England and Hong Kong.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Caribbean Zone : 2015 Zone tournament Sites and Dates

(San Cristobal, Dominican Republic) – The PONY Baseball and Softball Caribbean Zone has announced their tentative 2015 Zone tournament sites and dates at the Caribbean Zone meeting in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic.

  • Mustang-9 Aruba July 9-12, 2015
  • Mustang Aruba July 9-12, 2015
  • Bronco-11 Mayaguez, Puerto Rico July 1-5, 2015
  • Bronco Mayaguez, Puerto Rico July 1-5, 2015
  • Pony-13 San Cristobal, Dominican Republic April 2015
  • Pony Mayaguez, Puerto Rico July 1-5, 2015
  • Colt Mayaguez, Puerto Rico July 1-5, 2015
  • Palomino San Juan, Puerto Rico May 2015
  • Thorobred Nassau, Bahamas July 2015

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Laredo Baseball Pony League spreads joy of Thanksgiving

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LAREDO, TEXAS (KGNS) - They strive to hit home runs and win against all odds, but a group of little leaguers are striking down on hunger by making Thanksgiving possible for many outside Laredo.

The Laredo Baseball Pony League gave away dozens of turkeys to families who live in the Colonias area Tuesday.

The coach for the team says this is done to teach the little ones to give back, and make a Thanksgiving meal possible for everyone in the community.

"Here, the Laredo Pony League is about helping the community", said Ricardo Espinoza, of the Mustang Division. "The title itself is protecting our nations youth. The kids here, us the parents, coaches we get to share memories and have an opportunity for the community for kids to compare and we're all here with our families. And now with Thanksgiving, it's about being together with the family."

Espinoza says the team will be hosting another tournament next month, where the entrance fee will be toys to give for the less fortunate this coming Christmas.

Pony Baseball Venezuela Meeting 2014 Caribbean Area Dominican Republic

Meeting of the Caribbean specifically in the town of san cristobal in the Dominican Republic this time Venezuela said present for this meeting which discussed the upcoming national tournaments and international events, which were attended by a total of 12 countries, jose perez polished the maximum representative of Venezuela thrilled leave a message to all attendees to continue working hard to continue to achieve the goals. It will be up to the next. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

2020 Tokyo Olympic Games: Japan boosting efforts for inclusion of Baseball and Softball

2020 Tokyo Olympic Games: Japan boosting efforts for inclusion of Baseball and Softball 

Tokyo 2020 chief, Yoshiro Mori, says baseball/softball in 2020 would be a "big plus".

TOKYO -- As support for baseball and softball to be included in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games continues to mount across Japan, with a growing chorus from all parts of the globe, the political group consisting of 67 Diet Members campaigning for baseball and softball at the Olympic Games assembled in Tokyo for the second time in a month last Tuesday, November 18 in the Japanese Diet.

Kazuhiro Tawa, Senior Advisor of Baseball Federation of Japan, and Taeko Utsugi, Vice President of Japan Softball Association -- as well as World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) executive member -- made presentations to the supportive Diet members, exchanged ideas and were encouraged to expand the baseball/softball Olympic inclusion campaign.

The Diet Federation members from the LDP of Japan recognized the ongoing work by the baseball/softball family, including the screening of the promotional video on the stadium jumbotron during the recent WBSC-sanctioned "Japan Series" between the top-ranked Japanese National Baseball Team, Samurai Japan, and the MLB All-Stars at the Tokyo Dome, and University/High School Baseball Championship at Meiji Jingu Stadium.

Immediately following the Diet meeting, the 40-proposal Olympic Agenda 2020 reform programme was released from the International Olympic Committee's headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland.  

The potential reforms being introduced by the IOC would allow host cities to propose the inclusion of one or more events for their games -- a move which would clear the way for baseball and softball to be included in the 2020 Games.

IOC Vice-President John Coates, who was visiting Tokyo with his IOC Coordination Commission team, and Chairman of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Organizing Committee Yoshiro Mori, spoke to the media on how the IOC President Thomas Bach's reform agenda could affect planning for Tokyo 2020.

"In the case of Japan, including baseball and softball would be a great idea," Mori said at the news conference last Wednesday. "The two sports are very popular in Japan and having them on the program would be a big plus."

The Olympic Agenda 2020 reforms will be put to a vote by the full IOC membership at a special session in Monaco on December 8-9.

The first/last bid from the new world governing body, WBSC, to include baseball and softball in the 2020 Olympic Games was at the 125th IOC Session in Buenos Aires, Argentina in September 2013, where wrestling was voted back onto the official Olympic Programme the day after Tokyo was announced as the host of the 2020 Olympic Games. 
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About the World Baseball Softball Confederation:
Headquartered in the Olympic Capital city of Lausanne, Switzerland, the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) was established in April 2013 and granted recognition as the sole competent authority in baseball and softball by the International Olympic Committee at the 125th IOC Session in September 2013. The WBSC represents a united baseball/softball sports movement that encompasses over 65 million athletes worldwide.

The WBSC governs all international competitions involving any of the National Teams of its 141 National Federation members.  

The WBSC also oversees the Baseball World Cups and Softball World Championships and is the only sports organisation in the world that oversees a U-12 youth national team world championship.

The WBSC currently has National Federation members in 141 countries and territories across Asia, Africa, Americas (Caribbean, Central-, North- and South-America), Europe and Oceania. 

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

North Zone Meeting held in St. Louis...

This past weekend, November 8th, the North Zone Pony Baseball and Softball meeting was held in St. Louis, MO. In attendance were the Division Directors, Field Directors and Pony Headquarters staff.

Pony Baseball and Softball President and CEO Abe Key was in attendance to discuss the state of Pony along with answering questions about Rule Changes and other issues form 2014. North Zone Vice-President Steve Miller along with National Chairman and South Zone Vice-President Lynn Parnell took time to discuss the issues that face us all in the coming months.

The Directors in attendance listened to changes regarding Tournament Affidavits for 2015 along with discussion on deadlines for both Leagues and Tournament Teams. The information gained will be discussed at the Zones President Meeting throughout the coming months.